Watch Repairing



Watch repair service


For any queries : or 09 70 93 84 92


Free quote

1 year warranty excluding waterproofing and bracelet problems

Deadline 4 to 6 weeks (subject to the availability of parts if change of parts)

Proposed service : 

Complete overhaul



Price :

Complete overhaul (without change of parts) : 200 to 400 euros

A precise estimate will be established before each intervention.


1/ Send your watch or drop it off at our premises located in Chavenay in the Yvelines

2/ Upon receipt we study your timepiece and send you a quote by email within 15 days

3/ Quote accepted, we work on your watch within one month

4/ Intervention completed, you can pay for the service by bank transfer, paypal or bank card. We send your watch back to you or you can pick it up at our premises.

5/ If you refuse the quote, contact us by email. We send your watch back to you (shipping costs of 25 euros nationally with insurance up to 1000.00 euros payable by the customer).